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Story by Gillian West. Travel and entertainment deals provider Travelzoo has featured real subscribers in its first above-the-line advertising campaign targeting Londoners.

The ads feature six different people from around London, all craving their weekly Travelzoo fix, and shows them dressed partially in holiday attire in anticipation of jetting away. Working with Exterion Media, the London Underground was specifically chosen by Travelzoo to pilot the campaign as Tube car panels provided the dwell time needed to communicate the brand message and explain what the Top 20 is and why it instils this sense of excitement.

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Their next step in making the getaway memorable is securing the best possible deal on airline tickets, hotel stays, and other accommodations. Travelzoo has more than 28 million members, which enables the company to offer prices that add value without degrading the travel experience.

Travelzoo Senior Editor Gabe Saglie said he currently sees great value in top destinations thanks to competition and extra inventory. Travelzoo users can book individual travel arrangements, like flights, hotel stays, or cruises, or larger all-inclusive packages that can include local attractions, restaurants, and other experiences.

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In those centers, Travelzoo employees book vacation packages that can vary from trips to a local spa to castle rentals in the heart of Ireland. The discounts save consumers money on the cost of a trip without degrading the experience.

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  • Travelzoo members can book just airfare or hotels, or they can take advantage of deals on all-inclusive vacation packages that include trips to local attractions, restaurants, or other outings. With so much competition among hotels and airlines, each company must be agile in providing its best offer at any given time. Hotels now draw people in by offering experiences at in-house restaurants or proprietary treatments at an in-house spa that offers locally sourced ingredients.

    Saglie said the company employs a well-traveled workforce as diverse as its users, which allows the company to speak to all of its demographics at once.