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Please visit our web site at: www. Maybe there are ones we are missing. Emailed a few companies this morning from the above list.

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At this time, we do not have a promotional program for distribution of free coupons or samples. We suggest checking magazines and local newspapers, as they frequently carry cents off coupons for many of our products. We have now added your name to our mailing list. This list is private and used only by Unilever Brands.

We do not sell or share this information with other companies. Names are randomly selected from these lists for periodic mailings and promotions. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to contact us and hope you continue to use and enjoy the many fine products of the Unilever Family. Hi there, Thank you for all these links! I just emailed a bunch of companies for coupons, I am so excited to see a mailbox full of deals!!! At this time we do not have any coupons, trial sizes or samples of products to send to you, however, please visit our website, www. We trust this information is helpful to you and we thank you again for contacting us.

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Trying to find the blog you wrote on what to say when contacting these companies. I cannot seem to find it. But ones I have just recently ordered and had luck with was — Bolthouse juices colgate ocean spray science hills pet food aveeno dricolls DANONE marc angelo michelinas frozen dinners and Purina.

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Hi Amanda, How were you able to get Colgate to send you coupons? Above you have Haagen Daz on the list however no contact info. Would love to know as I buy their ice cream bars like crazy. Would be nice to get some coupons. Likewise, the brands under pinnacle foods inc told me to like the facebook pages of individual brands they make for promotions.

Gain also said to contact PG brandsaver for coupons. It depends on the person who answers your email. Try again in a bit, I have had responses telling me no coupons will be sent out, and then a short while later someone else from the same company will send them out. I think the list has to be updated as most of the companies no longer send out coupons. Hi, I have written some of my fav companies also I have received the following. Blue Buffalo Dog and Cat food They sent me coupons for both. Purina One sent me one free bag coupon. Becel Margerine, at fist had non but later added me to list of ppl to send coupons to when they became available.

There are a bunch more I have either gotten product or coupons from. A few it seemed like no answer then 6 weeks later I got coupons with no note, just the manufacturers name On the envelope. Also I forgot to mention that all of those were in the past year. So the ones I mentioned r still sending out coupons to some ppl.

Many do not send coupons out anymore.

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I tried asking Driscolls again because the one they did send I forgot to use, they asked me to send the expired one back to them! Many companies are getting tougher, preferring Facebook promotions or newsletters. The more codes you enter, the higher value the coupon. I always send a thank you email when I receive them in the mail too; they seem to appreciate the thanks and are willing to send you more coupons down the road.

I buy them all the time, which means my grocery bill can really add up, and I was wondering if you currently have any coupons available.

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If so, would you please send me a few? It would be greatly appreciated. I am getting so bummed out. Reading all these comments about companies not sending coupons anymore. Today at Walmart in Pembroke, Ontario, I was advised that they have changed their policy for price match!

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To my horror they only allow one item per price match! I had to leave so many deals behind. Guess they want to send their customers to their competitors now. Such a sad sign of the times! Your email address will not be published. Our goal at MapleMoney is to present readers with reliable financial advice and product choices that will help you achieve your financial goals.

To do that, transparency is critical. MapleMoney receives compensation from some companies issuing financial products, like credit cards and bank accounts, that appear on this site. About Cassie Howard Cassie Howard has taught many Canadians how to save money and live frugally — without sucking the fun out of life. View all posts by Cassie Howard. Comments great post! I was wondering how often can you email the companies? I email them every months.

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Jonhsons also added that they have a website that offers more of their coupons…. Also, some companies will put you on their mailing lists to recieve things in the future. I asked them if there were any coupons they would be able to send me… here is their response: Thanks so much for getting in touch — emails like yours are favorites here at SC Johnson!

Which company do u email for Villagio coupons? I received 10x. Enjoy getting you info daily…thanks. Do you have a list of companies with coupons on their website? Hey: Just curious, how often do you send out emails to these companies. Tamara: Usually every 6 months or so. Carolyn: Yes, I have. Thanks for reminding me that I really need to update this list!

John Frieda will send coupons every couple of months. I was wondering if this is currently an updated list of the sites that will send you coupons? Caro: I plan on editing this page soon. This list is awesome Cassie, thank you so much! I e-mailed to ask for Baby Bel coupons, and they said they no longer mail them out. Sob sob.

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I emailed tetley, they said they dont mail coupons. I emailed babybel on Monday and they said they would be happy to mail me out coupons.